Mike Kanellis Hints That He Is Done With WWE

It's only a matter of time until Mike and Maria Kanellis leave the WWE for good, but one half of the popular wrestling hinted that he's done with the company now.

Mike took to Twitter and shared this waving goodbye emoticon, which suggests that he's bidding farewell to the WWE and its fans.

This comes nearly three weeks after Maria took to Twitter and revealed that their contracts are over in "three weeks." So it's unlikely that Bennett was simply joking around here. It appears to be an unofficial announcement that he and Maria are leaving now.

It should be noted that the Kanellis couple -- who became main event stars in the TNA/Impact promotion -- reportedly requested to be released back in January, along with The Revival. Neither of them confirmed this, but if they were both unhappy in the WWE, then the pair must be thrilled about finally getting out of a company that didn't give them the big push many had hoped for.

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Mike and Maria aren't the only superstars who were reportedly disgruntled over their places in WWE. Not only did The Revival reportedly ask to be let go, but they also turned down new contracts from WWE. Luke Harper requested to be released, but the company refused to grant it. A frustrated Dean Ambrose left WWE once his contract expired after WrestleMania 35, and he signed with the AEW promotion - where he now performs as "Jon Moxley."

AEW has been linked to plenty of current and former WWE superstars, and perhaps they'll give a call to Mike and Maria. After massive success in the TNA/Impact promotion, big things were expected for the two, but WWE never gave them much of a chance. It's safe to say that wherever they wind up next, the Kanellis couple will receive much better creative treatment.

What This Means

This doesn't come as a surprise, with Maria previously hinting that their contracts were up. The writing was on the wall when they reportedly asked to be released, and finally, Mike and Maria are free to explore better opportunities elsewhere. They simply deserve it after having to put up with lackluster booking from the WWE.

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