MJF Gets Unbelievably Nasty During Post-Show Promo, Wants A Piece Of Shawn Spears

AEW star MJF was not impressed with Shawn Spears' vicious attack on Cody Rhodes following his win over Darby Allin at Fyter Fest on Saturday.

Rhodes, who ended up receiving 12 staples as a result of the wound caused to him by Spears, is not concussed, thankfully. But MJF spared no punches in his interview after the show, branding the former WWE wrestler a "scumbag" and a "despicable human being".

The 23-year-old would rush to Rhodes' defense, with the injured star needing help to leave the ring as he appeared to be totally dazed from the blow. And he claimed to be very bothered after seeing his "best friend" take such a shot to the head.

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“I was the first person out there, sprinted out there," he told Chris Van Vliet. "I mean, first of all, Shawn Spears is a despicable human being. As everybody knows, I’m a salt of the earth person, and when I saw that, when I saw my best friend, my mentor, Cody Rhodes, get hit like that, it — sorry. It messed me up, that’s someone I genuinely care about. And it sucked, it sucked. But he’s okay, he’s in the back, so let’s just keep on rolling.

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 “F**k Shawn Spears, man, he’s a complete scumbag. And it’s sad to think that he would stoop to that level when Cody was nothing but an amazing friend to him. I mean, they both came up in the developmental system in OVW, and they were both very tight for their whole entire lives. And then all of a sudden this guy can just turn his back on Cody. Completely despicable action.

"I mean, look. At the end of the day, I’m not going to fight Cody’s battles. Cody’s a grown man. But I love that man to death and if Shawn Spears comes up to me and tries to have a conversation, it’s not going to end with words. It’s going to end with fists.”

MJF's interview, which could be seen below, is laced with expletives and insults - yeah, the reporters got an earful of self-esteem testing from AEW's most annoying heel.

Thankfully, Cody's okay. AEW President Tony Khan has admitted that the shot was a mistake and something the company regrets, but we love where this is going.

We can expect something to unfold from the attack and it's possible MJF gets thrown in there too; Cody is his best friend after all... What we don't expect, though, is continued vulgarity from MJF once TNT gets involved.

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