MJF Just Used Peyton Royce To Really Get Under Shawn Spears' Skin

MJF is probably the best heel in wrestling right now. A moniker he has proved himself worthy of yet again via a Facebook post about Peyton Royce.

AEW has made it clear that it is not in the business of being able to take in every fed-up WWE Superstar. However, it is currently doing a pretty good job with the few that it has signed up. Jon Moxley was always going to be a success wherever he landed, but Shawn Spears, formerly Tye Dillinger, wasn't such a nailed-on certainty.

Spears had been floundering somewhat as The Perfect Ten. He was even described as nothing more than a "good hand" by Cody Rhodes when he signed for AEW. Turns out that was all part of an angle, or has at least turned into one. Spears viciously attacked Rhodes after those comments, and the pair will clash at All Out.

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Oddly enough, Rhodes doesn't seem to be half as angry about the attack as MJF has been. MJF has labeled Rhodes his best friend and rushed to his side immediately after the attack. The AEW star has been making good use of his heel persona to goad Spears, but really took that to the next level this week. MJF took to Facebook to poke fun at Spears' real-life wife, and WWE Superstar, Peyton Royce.

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The basis of MJF's post is a claim that he recently spent the night with Royce. "Just waking up after the night before with this perfect 10, more of a 2-3 without her make up on," MJF wrote. So not only a blow to Spears' wife, but also his mantra when in WWE. You can read the post in its entirety above and as you can see, it mainly focuses on the young upstart detailing his imaginary night with the Women's Tag Team Champion.

We get the feeling the reason MJF is such an effective heel is due to the fact he is not pretending. We would be very surprised if he didn't run the above idea by Spears before going through with it, but even more surprised if he did and Spears was okay with it. We can't imagine it would have been an easy topic to talk to Royce about. Either way, once Spears and Rhodes are done, we look forward to the former's imminent program with MJF.

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