Money In The Bank 2019: Match Card, Start Time, Updates, & Where To Watch

It has felt like an eternity since the last WWE PPV. Now the post-WrestleMania break is over and Money In The Bank is upon us. This Sunday, May 19, 2019, live on the WWE Network, two MITB contracts will be up for grabs as well as a whole host of championships. Tune into the Network at 7 pm EST on Sunday to catch all the action, or 6 pm if you want to watch the kickoff show.


Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women's Championship

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Becky Lynch has set herself quite the task at MITB. Since she has two titles, she signed herself up for two matches. The first one is extremely familiar. The Man will defend her SmackDown Title against Charlotte Flair. We may have seen this match multiple times already, but we have no qualms with it happening again.

Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles for the Universal Championship

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This next match is not a familiar one, but still something we are equally as excited for. AJ Styles and Seth Rollins could well be the two best wrestlers in WWE today. That gives this match the potential the steal a show that contains two multi-person ladder matches. Don't take your eyes off this one for a second.

Kofi Kingston vs Kevin Owens for the WWE Championship

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It seems like a lifetime ago that Kofi Kingston laid claim to the moment of the night at WrestleMania. The champ has not been shy about defending his title since then. However, Kevin Owens poses the biggest threat to date. This will be a great match and could well cut Kingston's dream title reign short.

Roman Reigns vs Elias

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If you're anything like us, Vince McMahon's new wild card rule will have you very confused. So confused that we can barely remember what brand Roman Reigns and Elias belong to. We're pretty sure it's still SmackDown Live. Chances are if Reigns wins this one, he could set his sights on whoever is WWE Champion come Tuesday night.


Shane McMahon vs The Miz in a Steel Cage Match

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We might be in the minority, but we thought Shane McMahon versus The Miz was one of WrestleMania's better matches. This time around, the two will be confined to a steel cage. That will likely lead to this one being even more brutal. Cue Shane O'Mac doing something crazy and Miz capitalizing on the boss's son's stupidity.

Becky Lynch vs Lacey Evans for the Raw Women's Championship

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On to that second match for Lynch, and a more unfamiliar opponent for The Man. Lacey Evans will be hoping that her match comes second so that Lynch is weary from doing battle with Flair. Sadly for Evans, we can't see that happening. She will likely be Lynch's warm-up act before she steps into the ring with The Queen.

Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match

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Lynch will be hoping that both her matches are over before this one. Otherwise, she faces the risk of having to compete in a third match on Sunday. Last year, Alexa Bliss won the MITB contract and cashed it in to become Raw Women's Champion before the end of the night. Sadly she won't have the chance to do that this year after being replaced by Nikki Cross.

Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match

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Thanks to the combined efforts of three of this match's participants, there is no chance of 2018's men's MITB winner Braun Strowman repeating that feat. This one really is anyone's for the taking. Plus, with the likes of Ali, Ricochet, and Finn Balor taking part, you can rest assured that there will be some unbelievable action in this one.


Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship

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If we know one thing about Samoa Joe it's that he loves to mess with his opponent's families. He did it to Styles and in this rivalry, he has been messing with Rey Mysterio's son Dominic. One way or another, Dominic is going to get involved in this match. Hopefully, he wins his dad the US title rather than costs him it.

Tony Nese vs Ariya Daivari for the Cruiserweight Championship

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The amount of eyes on WWE's cruiserweight division is a shame because the in-ring action is top notch. This match will be no different, however, the names are even less recognizable to casual fans than those who have come before it. Those who stick around to watch it will be entertained, but unfortunately, that won't be as many people as it deserves.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan vs The Usos for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships

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We're not sure when and where this match was announced, but we're glad it's happening. The Usos went on a run of stealing PPVs alongside New Day. Now they have a chance to do it with Daniel Bryan, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. The beginning of WWE's tag team revolution could well start with this match at MITB.


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