Monsoor Returns Home, Wins 50-Man Super ShowDown Battle Royal

One year after making his debut (not as a wrestler), Monsoor returned to his home country of Saudi Arabia to win the biggest Battle Royal in WWE history.

It was a predictable, yet feel-good moment on an otherwise uneventful Super ShowDown pay-per-view. No titles changed hands, no Money in the Bank cash-ins took place, but the underdog of the evening won arguably and literally the biggest match on the card.

A 50-man Battle Royal is an easy place to hide competitors. But, after the wrestlers started to filter out and be eliminated from the match, it was clear Monsoor, a WWE Superstar originally from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was still in the ring. This was the same Monsoor who just a year ago was appearing with the main roster for the first time at the Greatest Royal Rumble. Back then, he stood in the ring as a prospect and a year later returned as a victor.

He was left in the ring with Elias, one of the biggest stars of the company. Just like when it looked as though the Drifter might get the win, Monsoor turned the tables.

He then spoke to the crowd and delivered a promo in both English and his native language with the Jeddah crowd hanging on every word. For fans who saw the win not long after midnight, it was a great moment.

What This Means

In the long run, this might not mean a whole lot in terms of how quickly fans start to see Monsoor on a regular basis. This was probably done simply because of the environment and local for which the match was taking place.

That said, Monsoor does have talent and with the WWE so keen on expanding its presence in countries like Saudi Arabia, having performers like Monsoor on the roster is a big draw for the company. It shouldn't surprise anyone if Monsoor gets a longer look on the main roster.

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