More Interesting Details On AEW TV Deal Come To Light

As more information comes out regarding the new tv deal between AEW and WarnerMedia, it becomes clearer as to the details of the agreement.

Among the bigger of developments, it appears AEW will reportedly not be receiving any rights fees WarnerMedia and TNT. Meaning, where WWE sold their tv rights for SmackDown Live and Raw to FOX and NBC Universal for over $1 billion each, AEW will receive no payment for the show. That said, this not all that uncommon.

For a new startup like AEW to land a huge platform like TNT, it shouldn't have been expected they would receive a rights deal. That they were given a split of the ad revenue and that WarnerMedia is paying for the production of the show is a huge plus.

According to TSN's John McMullen, that WarnerMedia will be paying for production is unprecedented. He also confirmed from a source on the television side that AEW should not have and did not expect a rights deal. A source indicated that there is a 'great' advertising split for AEW" worked into the deal.

What This Means

If people jump to the idea that not getting paid for their show is a loss for AEW, it's not. This is still a massive win for the wrestling company and is actually a better deal than the one Vince McMahon signed for the XFL. Even with a relationship with FOX, XFL's new agreements with ESPN and Fox Sports, will not receive any rights fees and there is no advertising split. All the XFL receives is the networks paying for production costs and XFL gets to handle the sponsorships at the stadiums.

This deal is said to project that AEW will be profitable by the year 2020. That's a pretty significant piece of news.

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