Mortal Kombat Fans Dislike Ronda Rousey's Voice Acting Too

So gamers and wrestling fans have another thing in common now - they hate Ronda Rousey's voice acting.

The former UFC superstar, who recently lost the Raw Women's title at WrestleMania 35, is undoubtedly a superb in-ring talent. However, her work on the mic saw no end of criticism during her run with WWE, so much so, Vickie Guerrero wants to do her promos.

Wrestling fans continuously trashed Ronda's mic game over the span of her WWE stint and it appears that Mortal Kombat fans are a bit peeved by her voice in the franchise's latest release.

NetherRealm Studios recently launched Mortal Kombat 11, with Ronda becoming the new voice of Sonya Blade. When the announcement dropped back in January, the 32-year-old expressed excitement, claiming it was a "dream come true" playing a character from a game she grew up playing. But the reception from gamers hasn't been as great as the developers probably expected.

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The game is finally out, having released on April 23; and fans have been quite critical of Ronda's voice, with one branding it a "bad Tommy Wiseau impression".

Check out the tweets below and, if you haven't been playing the game, decide for yourself whether or not her lines are as bad as claimed.

This would probably come as no surprise to persons bashing Ronda for her skills on the mic as a wrestler, but we'd hope Becky Lynch never gets wind of the reviews as she'll probably still have some social media punches to swing too.

The two female superstars were involved in an entertaining storyline leading up to WrestleMania, where Becky went on to win both the Raw and SmackDown Women's championships, taking the latter off Charlotte Flair.

What This Means

Ronda can't seem to catch a break anywhere. as if having wrestling fans complain about her promos wasn't bad enough, gamers have gotten in on the act too.

In any case, though, she's off to have a baby now, so she's probably not bothered by all of this as she knows at least one person is going to appreciate that voice of hers in due time.

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