Motorcycles Lock Handlebars During Magny-Cours Promosport Championship

Motorcycles have often been known to have been involved in some unique situations. In this case, it's one that is just outright funny when you think about it.

The incident occurred when two bikes collided during the Magny-Cours, Promosport Championship. It's basically a race that is hugely popular among people who enjoy motorcycles.

The event was posted on Reddit and the video drew many commenters who found it funny or felt bad for the riders who were involved in the situation. Some Reddit users mentioned how the riders must have been freaking out or how the video should be sped up and then have Benny Hill music added to it.


The video itself starts off fairly normal with a bunch of bikes racing through what one might deem a damp area. Then, one biker seems to have their bike just randomly fall and then the same occurs for the second, then the vicious cycle began.

As both riders dodged oncoming racers, they also had to try and figure out what the issue was. They quickly figured out that the handlebars were locked together. This then led to them trying to remove one bike from another. Although, that was rather difficult considering the bikes were both moving at a fairly high speed on the ground, in circles. The green bike's throttle must have actually twisted. This means that the one motorcycle would have a consistent force applied, which is why the two vehicles keep moving.

This is a pretty dangerous situation when you think about it and the good thing is that nobody got hurt. If so, it wouldn't be such a funny thing on the Reddit post. At any moment, someone could have been hit by the motorcycle, which is clearly the reason both riders got involved in trying to stop the incident from going any further.

Overall, it's pretty funny because it doesn't happen all the time, and thankfully no one got hurt due to an issue that is pretty hard to even begin to control.


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