NASCAR Axes All-Star Package For Remainder Of 2018

It would seem that there is a divide in NASCAR in recent weeks.

NBC Sports reports the source of the controversial debate is the additional use of the All-Star Aerodynamic Package. It's split owners, drivers, and fans alike, but for now, the debate can be put to rest as it will not see usage at any more NASCAR Monster Energy Cup races during the 2018 season.

However, this package, which includes a restrictor plate, air ducts, taller spoiler, and the splitter from the 2014 models will be utilized for a few more races at the Xfinity series, the level directly below the main series of NASCAR. The race that will run this package will be the September race at Indianapolis. At the lower level of NASCAR, opinions on this move have been mixed. The first Indianapolis race saw tighter driving, something that NASCAR has always prided itself on, but when the package was used again at Pocono— one of the largest tracks on the schedule— the field got more strung out than usual. The third time this package was used for Xfinity cars was most recently at Michigan, where the racing was ultra tight, but passing was more difficult.

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Brad Keselowski the driver of the number two Penske Ford was extremely vocal about how the package is a bad idea. This is what he said earlier in the month: "I think that package needs to remain solely at the All-Star race, a lot of the drivers in this sport are in a position where they chose Cup racing because of the demands the cars take to drive. I think there are a lot of fans that come to our races expecting to see the best drivers." He also commented that if this package was used more often, NASCAR would eventually be unable to attract the best drivers in the world. However, he noted that it wouldn't happen right away and that it would be a gradual fall off in talent.

Drivers such as Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick had differing opinions on the All-Star Package. Hamlin feels like using it at mile-and-a-half tracks is a good thing, and he had fun using the package, while Harvick feels drivers should temper expectations.

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While NASCAR is in need of a change due to a recent streak of  low attendance, this probably isn't the way to go. The problems NASCAR faces are varied and it would be best if they dropped some of the underperforming tracks and look at diversifying the races on the docket, possibly adding more short tracks or visiting more Superspeedways— races where the action is tight and anything could happen as a result.


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