NBA Stars React To Glaring Missed Call On Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant sent waves through the NBA after getting away with what could be the worst missed call in the history of basketball.

The Golden State Warriors star nearly cost the Houston Rockets a game after saving a ball from out of bounds - while way out of bounds himself - to eventually set Steph Curry up with a shot that gave the Dubs the lead. Somehow, the officials failed to see that and it took an unbelievable buzzer-beating three from James Harden to give Houston the win.

Even Durant was critical of the refs after the game. And NBA Twitter was in full bloom too.

Joel Embiid has been staying off social media lately but he couldn't keep mum after seeing that.

Chris Paul hit the nail on the head there.

Damian Lillard seemed embarrassed to be part of the league for a sec.

Redundant, but we agree.

Wondering what Jennifer had to say about it...

And, of course, Rockets GM Daryl Morey got involved, as he always does.

Not wrong there.

Also not wrong.

What This Means

Not much apart from the possibility of a few doors opening for fans wishing to be referees. There has never been a better time to apply.

In the end, though, justice found a way to prevail, ensuring that the biggest refereeing mistake in recent memory will only be something to laugh at.


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