NCAA Allows 'Elite' Basketball Prospects To Hire Agents

The NCAA has revealed a new set of significant rule changes that will allow basketball players who go undrafted by the NBA to return to their academic affairs, while “elite” players will be allowed to hire agents whilst still in school.

The governing body for American college sports is also looking for stronger enforcement of rules as they have moved to implement stricter penalties and will utilize independent investigators for “complex” cases.

NCAA investigators will be able to “accept information established by another administrative body, including a court of law, government agency, accrediting body or commission authorized by a school” under the new regulations.


These changes come in the wake of the FBI college basketball scandal, which has forced the NCAA to return to their guidelines and enforce tougher policies as they look to stamp out the corruption in college basketball.

“The NCAA Board of Governors and Division I Board of Directors adopted a series of significant policy and legislative changes, setting in motion actions to change the structure of the NCAA fundamentally,” they announced on Wednesday. “These changes will promote integrity in the game, strengthen accountability and prioritize the interests of student-athletes over every other factor.

“Elite high school basketball recruits and college players can be represented by an agent who can help them make informed decisions about going pro.

“Student-athletes will be able to participate in the NBA draft and return to school if undrafted, pending future action from the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association. Currently, college athletes who are interested in going pro can declare for the draft and attend the NBA combine, but must withdraw no more than 10 days after the combine to stay eligible.”

This does come as good news for college players who aspire to play in the NBA but go undrafted. The 2018 NBA Draft saw 40 players get passed up who are no longer NCAA eligible as a result. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to return to their schools, but future draft prospects will have the opportunity to head back to college if they don’t make it into the league.

Players considered “elite” will also now have the option of taking an agent under their employ, who could pay for their meals, lodging and travel before negotiations. However, agents will need certification from the NCAA.


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