Ndamukong Suh Shows The World How He'll Sack Quarterbacks Under New NFL Rules

Ndamukong Suh has an interesting method to deal with the new NFL rules that protect the quarterback.

Suh has gone on record to say that he hates quarterbacks with a passion. These are words that may be problematic in some future tense, but currently epitomizes a growing distaste for the NFL’s new rules regarding sacking quarterbacks.

Under the new rule to protect quarterbacks, landing with your weight on them is not allowed. This is an effort by the NFL to minimize serious injury and can also be seen as a way to keep some of the biggest names in football around. While some players have struggled to maintain this new standard of defensive play and tackling, making sure to wrap quarterbacks up and bring them down rather than pummeling into them, the Los Angeles Rams actually practice abiding by the league’s new rules for quarterbacks. Well, all of them but one — Ndamugong Suh.


Defensive players like Clay Matthews and Suh are having some trouble with the new rule and have decidedly expressed their concerns and dislike. The movement to sack quarterbacks cleanly has garnered Matthews several penalties, all of which he contests vehemently. Suh more recently during practice showcased just how much he hates the rule and quarterbacks by charging in on a practice dummy and punching it down — that’s how he wants to do it!

Needless to say, Suh’s antics are meant in jest, and that he would never do such an outlandish thing in a game. If he did, there’s no doubt his “punch and throw-down” would result in an ejection along with a 15-yard penalty, also probably a possible suspension. Nonetheless, Ndamukong Suh makes his point and it’s clear: he does not like the new rule and if he had his way, he would punish quarterbacks.

Ultimately, the National Football League in the last few years has been the center of unwanted attention. There has been a movement to make the game safer for all players, but specifically for quarterbacks who, while leading their teams and throwing the ball downfield, one of the most exciting parts of the game, are left open to blindsided hits from defensive players. Often times, these hits lead to injuries, some more serious than others, but still unwanted. Protecting quarterbacks is important to the league for several reasons, health and welfare, and business. Quarterbacks are assets to their team and to the NFL, and defensive players like Suh are just going to have to get used to rules that ensure their safety.


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