WWE Stages Apparently Being Redesigned To Give Them An 'Attitude Era' Feel

WWE's stage designs will reportedly be getting a facelift pretty soon to give them more of a throwback feel.

Not too long ago, WWE made some changes to the way it does certain things. Why they made the changes was never explained. Things such as making the staging pretty much the same for all of its shows, and not using pyro outside of WrestleMania anymore. Some believe it was a financial thing, while others think it just makes life easier for a company that is always on the move.

Many fans miss the days during which WWE's shows had unique stage designs. Not just separate ones for Raw and SmackDown, but also seeing something different for PPVs. Nowadays, only WrestleMania and sometimes other big shows such as Royal Rumble get uniquely designed sets. Good news though, it seems we might be about to make a return to those times.

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Brad Shepard of Oh, You Didn't Know has reported that WWE is about to switch up its set designs. That their new look will give them an "Attitude Era feel." What that means exactly is currently unknown. It could mean that Raw and SmackDown will once again have their own unique stages, as will all of WWE's PPVs.

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However, it could also mean that the one WWE stage which is currently used for 95% of WWE shows is getting a makeover. We feel as if that is the more likely scenario. WWE will still be traveling around just as much as ever, so if it can carry one or two sets around with it at one time, it will continue to do so. We might like seeing unique stages on every PPV, but most fans don't consider how much work goes into making that happen.

For WWE right now, change is good. The product has felt stagnant and in trouble for a few months. The introduction of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff appears to have already had a positive impact. Freshening up the stage and the sets will be a good step forward too. Whether it's one stage for everything or unique sets for every show, we look forward to seeing what WWE has planned.

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