New Contender Wins Opportunity to Face Johnny Gargano For NXT Title

On this week's episode of NXT, Triple H appeared to announce a match that would ultimately crown a new competitor that would move on to NXT Takeover: New York and battle Johnny Gargano for the NXT Championship.

After current NXT Champion Tomasso Ciampa went down with a neck injury and was forced to vacate the championship belt, Triple H was advertised to appear this week on NXT to make an announcement. That announcement was speculated to answer the question of what would happen with the NXT Championship title and who would potentially be wrestling Johnny Gargano at NXT Takeover: New York on the Saturday before WrestleMania 35. That announcement could also potentially change the landscape of NXT.

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The Game appeared and called NXT the land of opportunity. He then announced that Gargano would still have his match, but a new opponent would need to be decided upon. To do so, tonight's episode would put all other items on hold and the show would see Ricochet, Aleister Black and Adam Cole, current North American champ Velveteen Dream, and Matt Riddle fight for the right to face Gargano at TakeOver.

The winner would move on to face Gargano in a two-out-of-three falls match the weekend of WrestleMania.

The five-star match took place and when all was said and done, Adam Cole emerged victorious to be named as officially the new dance partner for Gargano. The program ended with Cole posing beside the belt.

What This Means

There was no way Ciampa was going to be able to compete and with Cole now the next in line for a crack at the title, Takeover: New York will proceed relatively unscathed. It would have been nice to have another Ciampa vs Gargano match, but this development brings a new twist to the title picture and likely will cement Cole as the new face of NXT as Gargano moves forward on the main roster in WWE.

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