The New Day Was Meant To Be More Than Three Superstars

When New Day first formed in WWE four years ago there were apparently plans for the team to grow beyond just three members.

SmackDown Live has a pretty solid tag team division right now. In fact, it blows Raw's equivalent out of the water. The likes of The Bar, Sanity, and The Bludgeon Brothers all on the same brand makes for some pretty interesting tag team dream matches. The tag team revolution on Tuesday nights started before any of the above arrived though, when The New Day and The Usos were butting heads.

While The Usos will likely never be broken up by WWE since they are twin brothers, fans have been calling for the three members of New Day to go their separate ways for about half of the trio's four-year run. Big E recently revealed that he and his tag partners don't intend on doing that any time soon though when he spoke about his time in the team to The State Journal-Register.


The most interesting thing Big E revealed during the interview was the original intention to make New Day into a full-blown faction. "We honestly saw ourselves as a faction. We had ideas of adding people along of way," the former Intercontinental Champion revealed. Those plans obviously changed though. "Honestly I'm very glad we ended up as a trio because I can't imagine it as anything else," Big E went on to add.

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There was a time in professional wrestling when factions were the in thing. During the late '90s, the nWo ruled WCW and D-Generation X played a big role in WWE. Nowadays, not so much. The Bullet Club is all the rage in New Japan but in WWE, Vince McMahon seems reluctant to let teams grow beyond three members, and that doesn't look like it's going to change any time soon.

When it comes to New Day, Big E believes that he, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods can do it all. That they can remain a trio and perform as a tag team while also having their own individual singles careers. Only time will tell if Mr. McMahon agrees with that mantra. What all three New Day members have proved over the past four years is that they are all very deserving of strong singles pushes if the team were to ever break up.


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