The New Day Contemplates Quitting After Vince McMahon Takes Kofi's Title Shot Away

Kofi Kingston overcame all of the odds on SmackDown Live this Tuesday, emerging victorious in a Gauntlet Match against Sheamus, Cesaro, Rowan, Samoa Joe, and Randy Orton to get that WrestleMania 35 title match against Daniel Bryan. However, Vince McMahon found a way to grab it from him right away.

The high-flying performer, with most of the WWE Universe backing him, managed to defeat all of his opponents, save Rowan, who got himself disqualified. But at the end of it all, McMahon told him there was one more man left to beat, Daniel Bryan himself.

Of course, he wouldn't be able to after the gauntlet beating and, in losing, also lost his shot.

Kofi's New Day buddies were none too pleased after watching the WWE owner cheat Kingston out of yet another opportunity and cut broken figures in the locker room as they even considered quitting.


“Matter of fact, you know what? I think we should quit, honestly," Xavier Woods said during his rant. "If I’m being honest, I think we should quit.”

“Honestly, you’ve done a lot here. I agree. I think we should quit too," Big E chimed in.

Kofi, though, was not up for quitting, but he did want to get out of the building after letting his partners know that it simply wasn't an option as it would leave McMahon and Bryan winners.

Big E has since posted a video on Twitter in which he states New Day members are considering their options.

“We’ve had some time to contemplate what happened Tuesday night, and obviously Kofi’s performance and the aftermath and our reaction to all of that. And a little bit of time to reflect too on - I guess kind of our careers and why we do this. You know, you think of this business to some degree being a meritocracy," he says in the video.

"We understand the game. We see what the game is - that people like us will only get so far. That you can climb the mountain. They’ll let you climb the mountain, but as far as getting to the peak and staying at the peak - it’s not a thing that people like us, historically and moving forward clearly, can only get so far.

"So you know, we’ve done a lot of cool things here. We’ve been able to do a lot of things we never imagined we could do but clearly we are never meant to be more than this. And for people like us that’s not enough. And it will never be enough.

"So we’ve got to sit back and think whether, you know, continuing to be gone for 250 days-plus a year is worth it. Of missing the family time, of doing this to our bodies - leaving a piece of yourself in the ring that you can never get back. All the things we give, if it’s worth it when we can only get this far. So we’ve got a lot of thinking to do. You know, obviously proud of Kofi, proud of us as a trio, proud of what we’ve done, but if this is all we ever be? I don’t know if it’s worth it.”

What This Means

Well, Vince has managed to keep the suspense churning. It was thought that Kofi would earn his shot on this week's SmackDown and would head to WrestleMania to face Bryan. But there's no telling what will happen now.

Hopefully, there'll be another twist that sees him reinserted but it's certainly hard to tell, based on Tuesday night's events.


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