Watch: FOX Airs New Ad For SmackDown During NFL Preseason Game

FOX aired a brand new ad for SmackDown during an NFL preseason game on Sunday night, further proving it will have pride of place on its network.

When news first filtered through of how much FOX had paid for SmackDown, the wrestling world was in a state of shock. The network forked over more than $1 billion for the rights to WWE's blue brand for the next five years. The move will take place this October, and will also see SmackDown shift from Tuesdays to Fridays.

SmackDown moving to Fridays on FOX is an extremely big deal and should be treated as such. It seems as if it will be treated that way too. WWE is making sure of that by making the very first episode following the move, which will take place on October 4, 2019, the shows' 20th-anniversary edition. Legends from the past will return, and we're hoping for something similar to the recent Raw Reunion.

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WWE will also be relying on FOX to take its acquisition of SmackDown seriously. It paid $1 billion for it, so we're assuming that it will. The placement of its ads for the show would also suggest that. The latest took place during Sunday night's NFL preseason game on the network. You can check it out for yourselves below if you weren't watching the game at the weekend.

Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair feature prominently, as do The New Day. There are also lingering shots of Triple H and The Undertaker for lapsed fans who will instantly recognize those iconic wrestlers. Part of the reason WWE is so excited to be on FOX is advertising during mainstream sports, and it doesn't get any bigger than your product being flaunted to the world during an NFL game.

The week during which SmackDown debuts on FOX will be a big one for the wrestling business. Two days before that debut, the first episode of AEW's weekly TV show will air on TNT. Plus, it's looking more and more likely that it'll be going up against NXT on the USA Network. If the rumors are true, we will know more about that later today.

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