Watch: Fox Sports Airs Ad Showing Off Its New SmackDown Logo

SmackDown Live will be making its big-money move to Fox later this year, and we got our first peek and what the show will look like courtesy of an advert.

One of the biggest stories in wrestling last year was the bumper purchase of SmackDown Live. Fox has paid WWE more than $1 billion for the rights to show its blue brand on its network for five years. Ever since, we have been speculating about what the show might look like when it does make the move this fall.

Ever since Raw launched in 1993, it has been Vince McMahon's number one priority. Granted, SmackDown didn't show up until 1999, but still. For most of SmackDown's existence, it has been a taped show. However, for the past three years, it has been live. Since then, many fans have argued that it is an easier and more enjoyable watch than Raw.

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That begs the question, could SmackDown become WWE's A show once it moves to Fox? We don't have much longer to wait for an answer to that question. In fact, we are now so close to SmackDown's debut on Fox that the network has started to air ads. The very first ad for the show aired on Fox Sports this week. You can check it out for yourselves below.

The main takeaway from the ad is the show's new logo. We assumed that SmackDown would be getting a makeover when it switches network, and we are big fans of the new logo. We also like that Kofi Kingston is WWE Champion in the ads closing image. That probably means nothing, and he might not be champ come October, but it should be noted that Bayley is titleless in the very same picture.

The Superstars WWE has selected to be in the ad also piqued our interest. Most notably, Kevin Owens performing a Stunner. Casual fans watching Fox might not recognize KO, but those who used to watch wrestling and have tuned out will almost definitely know what a Stunner is. A clever way to perhaps bring in an audience that isn't currently watching the product. We look forward to seeing what WWE has planned for SmackDown on Fox.


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