NFL Executives Say That Kareem Hunt Will Be Back In NFL Next Year

The Kansas City Chiefs released running back Kareem Hunt last week after TMZ released a video of him hitting a woman at a hotel during an incident in February.

Many fans and pundits wonder if Hunt will play in the NFL again. It was a serious violation on his end, and the league is expected to had him a six-game suspension as punishment.

But NFL executives spoke to Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman and explained why Hunt will be back in the NFL when his inevitable suspension runs up next year. The consensus? Hunt is too talented, and having players of his caliber to win talent simply trumps their morals.

"He will be back because we can't help ourselves as a league," one AFC front office source told Freeman. "Show me one example where our league suffered from signing players like Hunt. That's why he'll play again. There are no repercussions for signing guys like him. But there are if you don't."

An NFC executive also asked if Kansas City has "suffered repercussions [from] signing Tyreek Hill," who severely attacked pregnant girlfriend Crystal Espinal while he was playing at Oklahoma State.


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Hill received a three-year probation and was ordered to take anger-management classes. Oklahoma State kicked Hill off the team, and he moved to play for West Alabama's football team instead.

Despite his talents, the incident saw Hill drop all the way down to the fifth round of the 2016 Draft, where the Chiefs took him with the 165th selection. As Freeman noted, Hill's arrest is rarely brought up anymore, now that he's among the game's top playmaking wideouts.

Hunt led the NFL in rushing yards in his rookie 2017 season. He finished 2018 with 824 rushing yards, seven touchdowns and 26 receptions for 378 yards and seven touchdowns.

What This Means

Whichever team brings Hunt back is sure to receive major backlash for the decision, something the Washington Redskins experienced when they picked up Reuben Foster. The latter was cut by the San Francisco 49ers after being arrested for domestic violence, and the Redskins picked him up days later.

Hunt's six-game suspension seems like a gimme at this point. The only question now is which team will take the risk and pick up Hunt for next season.


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