Nia Jax Calls Becky Lynch The B-Word & Blames Her For WWE's Poor Ratings

Ronda Rousey may be gone but Becky Lynch is still taking shots on Twitter and Nia Jax has become the latest victim.

Nia was pretty ticked off by Becky comparing her to a toilet and has gone off on the Raw and SmackDown women's champion ahead of Money in the Bank, blaming her for WWE's tanking ratings while referring to her as the B-Word.

Becky replied to a tweet from Lacey Evans in which she showed herself wrapping up a mop in a Becky Lynch shirt and then cleaning a toilet. Instead of firing back at Evans, though, Becky took the opportunity to have a go at Jax.

"Lacey giving Nia a good scrub to promote MITB," she tweeted in response.

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Jax took umbrage at the tweet and shot back, calling Becky a "b***h" and telling her that her two belts have become irrelevant.

Jax has been missing in action for some time now, following operations on both of her ACLs. Why Becky chose to target her is really anyone's guess.

The Man earned both of the aforementioned belts by defeating Rousey and Charlotte Flair in a triple threat match at WrestleMania and both of them will be on the line at MITB as she will have to go through separate matches against Flair and Evans to defend them.

What This Means

Becky just loves taking digs at her peers via social media but, with Nia currently recovering from knee injuries, it seemed a bit unfair she would choose to liken her to a toilet instead of going back at Lacey.

It appears that Nia thinks The Man is responsible for WWE's poor ratings as of late and who knows? she could be on to something here. Things just haven't been all that great for the promotion since Becky took over the belts, despite her popularity among the fans.

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