Night-After-WrestleMania Raw Full Of WWE Returns

On the Monday following WrestleMania, Raw certainly lived up to expectations and included a night of wrestler debuts and returns.

Every year, WWE brings in a number of surprises to WrestleMania. Over seven hours worth of pay-per-view action, there's plenty of opportunities. This year, most of the shocks were title changes sans one return by John Cena as The Doctor of Thuganomics. But, as seems to be the case every year, 24 hours later, Raw always offers a few big shocking moments.

This year, the biggest name to return was The Undertaker, but he wasn't the only one.

One night after Kurt Angle wrestled the last match for WWE, he would show up on Monday Night Raw and admit that Corbin was the better man. He also said that while his in-ring career was over he wished Corbin luck…bad luck. One ankle lock later Angle seemingly got the last laugh. Unfortunately for Angle, Lars Sullivan’s music hit and the former NXT monster would finally make his WWE debut. He laid down a beating Angle and left.

Later in the night, Sami Zayn would make his return to WWE and get a chance at Championship gold, as he faced off against the newly-crowned Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor for the Title.

Balor would ultimately retain but Zayn wasn't without comment. Zayn decided to rant about how the WWE Universe was toxic and ugly and that’s the reason the environment was so bad. With that, Zayn was back as a heel in WWE.

What This Means

For Sullivan, his debut was long overdue. The WWE probably has big plans for him and taking out Angle seems like the former Olympic champion doing his duty as an in-ring performer setting the stage for another newcomer. For Zayn, it's good to see him back in WWE after a long absence due to injury. That it also appears WWE will be doing something with him as a character is long overdue as well.

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