Nikki Bella Says John Cena Is Still Her Soulmate

Nikki Bella has admitted that she's still having a bit of difficulty getting over her highly-publicized breakup with John Cena, whom she considers to be a soulmate despite splitting from him over a year ago.

Bella and Cena spent six years together before going their separate ways last April. She's since moved on and is currently dating her former Dancing With the Stars partner Artem Chigvintsev but still feels like the connection she had with Cena was an extra special one.

"The one thing that I can’t tell you from my point of view and my emotions and my perspective, you know, I just towards the end started to become a miserable person," she said on the latest episode of the Bella Podcast (h/t Fightful), describing the final days of her relationship with the WWE superstar. "I was very, very unhappy. I would ask myself questions every day. ‘Why am I feeling this way?'

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"I have not only this beautiful, successful man, who has a heart of gold, who’s an amazing person. I live in these gorgeous homes. I have these gorgeous things.’ And I would understand that when you would look at my life, it was like, how was this girl becoming so unhappy? And honestly, it’s still questions I asked myself today. Like, I’m still trying to get over my break-up."

Nikki went on to reveal like Cena is one of her soulmates, claiming her sister Brie Bella and her new boyfriend are soulmates as well.

"I do feel like John is a soulmate of mine," she continued. "[Brie Bella is] one. I do feel like Artem is one."

"I really feel a soulmate connection with [Artem] and with John," she explained. "And we both have said this. I have unconditional love for him. We were such a great couple, but our lives didn’t work."

It appears that Nikki could struggle to move on from Cena completely for some time still and who could blame her? He was likely quite the find. Who else thinks they'll end up back together?

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