Nikki Cross Makes Her Main Roster Debut, Returns To SaNitY

During a frantically paced SmackDown Live, the hits kept on coming as Becky Lynch called out any female superstar to step up to 'the man' and a surprising name accepted.

Tuesday's SmackDown Live offered a ton of action early and by the time the midpoint of the show had hit fans, the biggest surprise was yet to be announced. Lynch came to the ring and continued to call herself 'the man' and suggested there was no one who could compete at her level. She offered an opportunity for any female in the back to try and prove her wrong. It didn't take long for SaNiTy's music to hit.

At first, it seemed like a surprise to see that group have anything to do with Lynch until the audience realized that they'd been missing a key member of the group since being called up to the main roster. Nikki Cross then made her main roster WWE debut.

NXT fans will be quick to tell you, Cross is a must-see. Her unorthodox style is completely unique among any of the female athletes in WWE, (in any brand) and her presence is a big plus for the group as a whole. It was a bit of surprise that she wasn't promoted to the main roster as the same time as the rest of SaNiTy, but she stayed in NXT to compete for the Women's Championship.

Cross got into the ring, got right in Lynch's face and told the champion she "wanted to play". She repeated herself over and over until Lynch finally said, "the champ doesn't play, she fights."

It wasn't mentioned if her presence on SmackDown Live was a permanent call-up or just part of the company's trip to Manchester. Cross was born in Glasgow, United Kingdom. Either way, she was a welcome presence on the show.

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