Newest NXT Superstar Is Being Mistaken For 90s Boy Band


The WWE have just signed the monstrous tag team known all around the world as War Machine, consisting of Hanson and Raymond Rowe. They've got a very distinct look, but that still isn’t enough for a local radio station. Over the past few days, the Hit Music Network 90 have been reliving some of Hanson’s greatest hits with tweets, but unfortunately, they have been tagging War Beard Hanson from NXT instead, and he found it funny the first time… but it didn’t stop there.

They’ve now tagged him in at least 5 posts regarding the 90s boy band, and his reactions are brilliant, starting with confusion and ranging all the way to very annoyed. But even with his comments, they didn’t seem to realize the mistakes they were making. If you saw the two side by side, like we have showed you above, it’s practically impossible to mistake the two, and with the tag ‘@WarBeardHanson’, we think it would be obvious enough to tell the difference, but they obviously weren’t paying too much attention. (There are several more than the ones posted here.)

Thankfully for Hanson, fellow recruit Donovan Dijak has a solution:

We can’t wait to see Hanson, along with Raymond Rowe step into the NXT ring, as they are destined for greatness in NXT, and likely RAW or Smackdown too. Hopefully for this radio station it comes sooner rather than later, so that they can stop making this mistake, and Hanson can open his twitter in peace.

So what do you guys think? Are we going to see War Machine with a ‘Hanson’ cosplay in NXT anytime soon? How excited are you to see the super heavyweights in action in NXT? What do you think their ceiling in the WWE could be? As always, let us know all your thoughts in the comment section below.


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