NXT Star Has Legit Heat With Locker Room, Told To Go F--k Himself

Never shy about calling out main roster stars, it appears Matt Riddle has earned some heat with the NXT locker room after calling them garbage.

Yes, it looks like Matt Riddle is at it again. No longer content to call out just Brock Lesnar or Bill Goldberg, Riddle has taken aim at the entire NXT locker room which apparently failed to give him a ride to work when he needed one.

Riddle took to Twitter and wrote, "This message is for all the pieces of trash, hags, and whatever other word you want to call them that couldn't give me a ride today because their cars were too full with so much talent," Riddle said in a video. He then finished with, "I hate you all. You're garbage. Bye."

It's hard to know what the story here is but clearly there was some sort of drama that included Riddle missing work or being late. He must have gotten in trouble because he wasn't pleased and blamed the rest of the talent roster because no one went out of their way to help. One NXT star who wasn't a fan of Riddle's comments was Tommaso Ciampa.

Ciampa responded to Riddle's video and said, "The boys shall police themselves. Aka go f--- yourself."

Riddle then replied, "He said the 'F word' so this must be real."

Riddle and Ciampa To Have a Go?

It could be that this staged drama between the two stars but it really doesn't feel that way. Riddle has been known to have heat and a no-care attitude. He's not shy about getting under the skin of fellow wrestlers.

Riddle has taken aim at stars like Chris Jericho, Goldberg, Lesnar and Booker T. He's working his way around the talent roster. WWE doesn't seem to be bothered by the fact Riddle uses his social media platform the way he does so the only question is, at what point does he have to answer to his comments within the locker room? It appears that's already starting to happen.

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