Odds On Who The 1st Current WWE Star To Join AEW Will Be, CM Punk Featuring At All Out

With AEW having impressed the masses with their first PPV, it is expected that the startup promotion will continue to attract more big name stars in the coming months.

CM Punk, for one, has been one of the names linked to Tony Khan's new company and it is believed that the former WWE and UFC competitor will join up, or at least feature in their All Out PPV in August.

Sports betting site Bovada has reached out to TheSportster with some pretty interesting odds on the Straight Edge Superstar showing up at All Out. They're also offering some neat bets on the first current WWE star who will jump ship and join AEW.

You could have a look below:

Will CM Punk appear at AEW’s “All Out” in Chicago on August 30, 2019?

Yes -220

No +155

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Who will be the first WWE superstar to sign and appear in AEW?

Dolph Ziggler +200

Finn Balor +275

Shinsuke Nakamura +300

Luke Harper +450

The Revival +1000

Rusev +1000

Sasha Banks +1000

Save Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura, everyone on the above list probably has a real gripe with WWE. Luke Harper has already tried to get out of his contract but all he managed to do was have Vince McMahon trigger an extension.

Rusev and his wife Lana have been unhappy campers for a bit now and haven't shied away from voicing their disappointment with the company. The Revival isn't exactly pleased with the way they've been handled either.

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As the odds suggest Sasha Banks is the most likely to leave WWE and join ranks with AEW. The female superstar hasn't appeared on WWE programming since WrestleMania 35 and is said to have been handed time to ponder her future in the hopes that she will opt to stay.

It was recently reported that Banks was working on the promotion of 2K Studios' WWE 2K20 and is still involved in the development of the game. However, her social media activity strongly suggests that she's on her way out.

Of course, the above odds are backed by information readily available to everyone, but it's still contingent on multiple variables and things could possibly turn out to be the exact opposite of what's predicted.

As always, time will definitely tell.

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