Pac Could Feature At All Out After Finally Losing Dragon Gate Title

In news that should excite fans hoping to see Pac perform at All Elite Wrestling's All Out, the Newcastle native has finally lost the Open the Dream Gate Championship.

Pac, who wrestled under the name Neville with WWE and absolutely dominated the cruiserweight division, has seen his reign as Dragon Gate champ ended after 228 days.

This could actually be a huge deal where AEW is concerned as it's thought that Pac's reason for dropping out of Double or Nothing was because he didn't want to doublecross the Japanese promotion by losing a match in another promotion while still their champion.

It is believed that the star was going to have to lose to Kenny Omega if he went through with a Double or Nothing appearance but wasn't willing to take an L as he was still the holder of Dragon Gate's title belt.

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According to a very early report from Italo Santana over the weekend, Pac has finally lost a match with the company, getting relieved of the title in the process.

Does this mean he can finally make his AEW debut? Well, it's highly probable now. Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks have made no secret of their desire to see Pac become All Elite and now that he can lose wherever he wants, it's looking likely.

“I wouldn’t say that Pac is out of AEW, by any means," Rhodes said back in May. "I also wouldn’t put any heavy stock into the amount of speculation that was around the whole thing. Our media is unregulated, so they can just say anything. It’s ongoing, we want it to work out. We mentioned the UK PPV and we want Pac in AEW. I wouldn’t put stock into what you heard.”

“We’re close to him," Nick Jackson also noted. "We’re still talking to with him and hopefully, everything works out and he’s wrestling full-time for us.”

We hardly think Pac would want to suffer a loss on his debut but at least he can with a clear conscience now. If anything, though, he's quite famous for making people wait, so you'd do well to prepare for one.

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