AEW All Out: PAC vs Omega Match Ends in Shocking Fashion

PAC stepped in for Jon Moxley at All Out and managed to pick up a surprise win over his opponent, Kenny Omega.

For three months, one of the biggest matches on the All Out card was Jon Moxley versus Kenny Omega. The former shocked the wrestling world when he showed up at Double Or Nothing to attack The Cleaner. However, with less than two weeks until AEW's biggest event to date, a spanner was thrown in the works.

Moxley revealed on Twitter that due to issues with the elbow on which he had surgery last year, he would not be able to compete at All Out. That left AEW with the tricky task of filling a huge gap on a big show. They didn't hang around, though. Hours after Moxley removed himself from the match, AEW filled the Moxey-shaped hole with PAC.

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Considering the circumstances, PAC was probably the best replacement. However, it still meant one of All Out's marquee matches was now one without any build behind it. That showed in the match itself on Saturday night. Undoubtedly two of the best wrestlers in the world right now, but without a story behind it, it felt like nothing more than an exhibition match for both men.

However, the most confusing thing about the bout was its ending. It felt like a given that PAC would give it his all, only for Omega to eventually prevail. That's not what happened. The Cleaner got PAC up for a One-Winged Angel but the Brit managed to reverse it into a Dragon Sleeper. Omega didn't tap out, but passed out. The referee then called the match and declared PAC the winner.

The ending of the match has left us with a lot of questions about what's next for both men going forward, which we guess is a good thing. All the more reason to tune in to AEW when its weekly shows start on October 2, 2019. If PAC has actually signed with AEW, he already has a huge win under his belt. Meanwhile, Omega's AEW career has gotten off to an extremely slow start. Perhaps he will be the new World Champion's first challenger when the time comes in October, but he'll need to actually win a few matches to earn that opportunity.

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