Big AEW Double Or Nothing Match Pulled Due to Creative Differences

It is being reported that the scheduled match between PAC and Adam Page at Double or Nothing is now off, specifically due to creative differences.

Apparently, since winning the Open the Dream Gate Title with Dragon Gate, PAC isn’t willing to lose clean to his opponents. According to F4WOnline.com AEW wanted to “present a sports-like atmosphere” where wins and losses matter and with PAC running 30-minute draws with his last two opponents, AEW had other ideas. Being protective of his new Championship, PAC and AEW were at a crossroads.

The solution seemed to be having Page make a surprise appearance at Saturday's Wrestle Gate Pro event in Nottingham, England to confront PAC. The two had a match that ended in a DQ and PAC took to the microphone to announce he wouldn't be coming to Double or Nothing and that Page should tell his buddies in AEW he wouldn't be coming to AEW.

While this may be a storyline or workaround the creative issues, it is interesting to note that there is speculation PAC does not have any sort of contract with AEW. He may not actually return until he drops the Dragon's Gate title.

What This Means

Some may look at this last-minute development and suggest this is not a good sign for AEW. One of the top draws to their first PPV is now out and because of creative issues. This is also might not look great on PAC who had some creative differences as Neville when he was under contract with WWE.


In the end, AEW is standing their ground and sticking to what they want out of their first show. They need a clean win for someone, they didn't feel it was time to let PAC take the victory and then require he move on to bigger names in the company (Kenny Omega would have been next) and if PAC is unwilling to do the job, take him off the show.

The way the angle played itself out on Saturday, bringing him back at a later date is easy.

In the meantime, it appears Page will get a new opponent at Double or Nothing.

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