Paige Undergoes Successful Neck Surgery

Former WWE Divas Champion Paige has announced having undergone a successful neck surgery.

The 26-year-old revealed that she was due a second operation to take care of a hernia that developed after her first surgery. And, on Thursday, the hospital's Twitter account shared the news of her successful procedure, thanking Paige for placing her trust in their expertise.

Paige replied to the tweet, thanking the facility with added claims of getting "treated like royalty."

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She would post a separate tweet in which she thanked everyone for the support that came her way, singling the Bella Twins, her mother Kathy Colace and her partner Ronnie Radke who visited her at the hospital.

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The surgery was performed by Dr. Juan Uribe, who has operated on several other WWE stars, including Nikki Bella and Tyson Kidd.

Paige also thanked everyone in the caption of an Instagram photo showing her on an airstrip wearing a neck brace.

"Finally touched down home after a successful second surgery," she wrote. "Thanks to @thejuanuribe and his team for always treating me like absolute royalty and keeping my neck healthy! Forever thankful.

"Big thanks to @cuttercharter for helping us out last minute so I can fly home comfortably! Much love to @thebriebella @kathylaurinaitis @zac_phoenix for coming and hanging with me. You guys made me smile so big. And a HUGE thanks to @ronnieradke for taking care of me non stop. Late flight. Super early morning. Feeding me. Dressing me and loving me. Also I got everyone’s messages. Thank you so much, means the world to me I’ll be getting back to you all shortly!!"

This is wonderful news. Paige has had a tough time battling injuries over the years and, while she might never get in the ring again, we're hoping she can maintain good health going forward.

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