Panthers Star Goalie Roberto Luongo Suffers Injury Mid-Game

Roberto Luongo, Florida Panthers starting goalie, will be out of action for a few weeks following a mid-game injury.

According to the NHL, the star goalie is going to be off the ice for some two to four weeks due to an injured MCL. The damage was so bad that it made him require assistance to get off the ice. In fact, Luongo was placed on injured reserve on Sunday.

This injury is no walk in the park since it's apparently a band of tissue located on the inside of someone's knee. The MCL's job is basically to connect your thigh bone with those of your lower leg.

How this injury occurred seems to be because of a little bit of a dust-up in front of the net. More specifically,  Mark Pysyk and  Frank Vatrano actually collided, which led to Frank falling on Luongo's right leg.


Luongo is going to need rehab for the leg and will likely feel the effects of not being on the ice with his buddies for a while. This means that he's going to need to get his mojo back as some might say.

Bob Boughner, the coach for the Florida Panthers, said that his goalie looked bummed out today. He also mentioned how the injury was a freak one but that it's something that can occur in the game. He's not wrong either, injuries in sports are common, especially if you have someone falling on another person's leg.

This is something that falls under usual for the team when one of their players get injured. As in, it's not going to faze them too badly. However, while the team may be used to it when the water boils down to it, the guy was a star player. This is something that the team is going to feel when on the ice, especially since they can't always rely on a top goalie that they don't know as well as the previous one.

While there goalie might be out for a while, they're not alone or with one that is trash, Luongo has got  James Reimer replacing him. Now in terms of Reimer, it seems like he can fill the shoes of Luongo for the moment, but we need to see how he performs over the long absence of his predecessor.


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