Pat McAfee Posts Video About His New Multi-Year Contract With WWE

Former NFL kicker and now WWE announcer, Pat McAfee announced in a dramatic video he's signed a multi-year, dream-come-true contract with WWE.

For wrestling fans who don't know McAfee well, you may recognize his face from pre-shows for NXT Takeover but before that he was a former American football punter and is currently an American football and WWE analyst who played eight seasons for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League.

On Thursday, he announced that he'll be working much more closely with WWE, having signed a multi-year deal with the company. What his role will be is unclear and even McAfee himself doesn't seem to know where WWE will use him, but he's excited about his future knowing this is what he wanted, even as a child.

While his analytical style is not everyone's flavor, McAfee is extremely knowledgeable about professional wrestling. Instead of referring to himself as a former NFL player, he often referred to himself as “the first punter to start celebrating punts.” That's just how much he loved WWE. He used to celebrate using entrances from the most popular WWE Superstars of the time like Razor Ramon.

What This Means

This signing doesn't make a dent to the roster as most fans will know it. That said, it never hurts to have a knowledgable talent who can use the mic and has enthusiasm calling the action. WWE bringing in names like Aiden English to call the action on 205 Live is perhaps not the best long-term plan for WWE. Having someone like McAfee, who can serve multiple roles is wise.

Is this potentially also a reaction to news that WWE stars might be heading out the door over the next few months to rival AEW? Perhaps not, but these days, one can never tell. For all we know, this was a preemptive strike.

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