Paul Heyman Doesn't See CM Punk Ever Returning To Wrestling

After a successful WWE career and a not-so-successful UFC debut, CM Punk is slated for another fight with the MMA juggernaut in June. He'll be trying to rebound from a very quick submission in the opening round of a fight against Mickey Gall at UFC 203 and show the world the years he's spent training in MMA was not a total waste.

Once that fight is done and whether he wins or loses, there are a ton of fans hoping he'll consider a return to pro wrestling.

A recent New York Post interview with Punk's good friend and WWE personality Paul Heyman suggests fans who are aching for a Punk return to WWE or another promotion shouldn't hold their breath. Heyman suggests it's just not in the cards for Punk and any rumors of him showing up in WWE, Ring of Honor (ROH) or at Cody Rhodes' All In show are likely not accurate.

Heyman explained, "I don't think CM Punk cares one way or another what's going on in the world of sports entertainment. He is someone that has achieved his goals by dedicating every aspect of his life to pursuing his passions. His passions right now are quite obviously in mixed martial arts and I don't think he has a contingency plan in case of failure. I don't think failure is an option for Phil Brooks."

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Phil Brooks (the real name of CM Punk) has never been shy about publicly commenting on what it is he wants to do with his life. In interviews post-WWE, he's been very vocal about how unsatisfied he was with the final months of his wrestling career. He's also discussed being done with wrestling and moving on to other projects. The problem fans have is that they simply don't believe him.

Punk was one of the best WWE talents the company had seen in some time. He had a gift for talking, a way around the ring and he was unique, making him a star that the WWE Universe would love to have back. While he's got some issues to sort out with WWE, it's likely they'd want him back too, should he decide to give wrestling another try. But, Heyman believes that ship has sailed.

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"I think he is intent on making a go of it in the mixed martial arts world and if it doesn't work out for him in UFC, I'm sure he would be looking a Bellator before he would be looking at a return to the wrestling ring," said Heyman.

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