Paul Heyman & Vince McMahon Worked Together "Harmoniously" On Raw

It was plain to see that Paul Heyman played a big part in this week's Raw. Apparently, he and Vince McMahon sat side by side for the entire show.

When WWE broke the news that Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman had been hired as executive directors, no one quite knew what to expect. This week on Raw, we got our first glimpse of what exactly their roles entail. Well, at least Heyman's. From the opening segment with Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley, to AJ Styles show closing heel turn, it was evident that Heyman had a big influence on the show.

Honestly, even though we were hopeful that Heyman in this new role would have a positive effect, we didn't expect to see change this quickly. It would seem that Vince McMahon is being much more accepting of the fact he needs help than anyone could have expected. According to PWTorch, he and Heyman sat side by side for the entirety of Raw.

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Not only is PWTorch's Wade Keller reporting that the two men sat together, but apparently there was no friction between them at all. Their relationship during the show has been described as "harmonious" even. Raw was definitely a blend of both men's views of the wrestling business, and based on the end result, it's exactly what WWE needs right now.

What Bischoff will bring to the table for SmackDown is another matter entirely. Heyman may have begun a new role with WWE, but he was already a part of the company. Not only as Brock Lesnar's advocate but as a person Superstars go to for advice backstage. Heyman has been shown on a litany of WWE Network documentaries speaking with wrestlers and offering up ways in which they can improve.

Back to Bischoff, and he has not been in the same position as Heyman. The former WCW president has been away from WWE for more than a decade, at least on a full-time basis. It's not even clear how much he has watched WWE as of late. Nevertheless, he knows the wrestling business and is an incredibly clever guy. We are very much looking forward to seeing what he can do with the blue brand.

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