Watch: Kofi Kingston Nail A Fan With A Perfectly Placed Pancake

A woman who was checking her phone during Kofi Kingston's entrance at SummerSlam got hit in the face with a tasty treat.

It has been five years since Xavier Woods, Big E, and Kofi Kingston came together to create The New Day. It was a shaky start for the trio as WWE tried to figure out whether fans would love or hate the gimmick. Fast forward to 2019, and the faction appears to be the only one in WWE history that Vince McMahon refuses to break up.

And who can blame him? If nothing else, New Day shifts an awful lot of merch. We thought Kingston becoming WWE Champion might be the beginning of the end of the trio. However, as it stands, that doesn't seem to be the case. All three members are still the best of friends both on and off-screen, and pancake throwing is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

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Speaking of which, we also expected Kingston's pancake throwing to be scaled down now that he's champion. Before SummerSlam, we were disappointed to see that wasn't the case. However, a stray pancake thrown by the champ before his match at the latest WWE PPV has got us hoping Kingston never stops throwing pancakes into the crowd ever.

A woman in the front row, just behind the announce position, is happily looking at her phone during Kingston's entrance. Her scrolling was then interrupted by an extremely well-placed pancake. The champ managed to fling a flapjack right into the side of the fan's head, startling her and getting her attention. Honestly, you're in the front row of SummerSlam and a WWE Title match is about to begin, you should have already been paying attention.

As for what happened to the pancake after it hit the fan in the head, we sincerely hope she decided not to eat it. During a recent interview, Kingston warned fans against eating the pancakes he and The New Day throw into the crowd. Not only does Kingston keep his behind his belt, but Big E's tend to emerge from his singlet. We dread to think that those pancakes might be marinaded with.

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