Pete Carroll Criticizes Seahawks QB Russell Wilson After Winless Start To Season

Head coach Pete Carroll believes that Russell Wilson has been over-trying on the field after a winless start.

Without the best wide receiver on the team, Doug Baldwin (knee), and with a defense who can’t do much without their two best linebackers, Bobby Wagner (ankle) and K.J Wright (knee), Wilson has been trying to cover up many of the team’s deficiencies, although it hasn't gone so well so far.

"I'm finding Russ over-trying a little bit," Carroll said Tuesday morning on ESPN 710, via the Seattle Times. "He's pressing in difficult situations to try and see if he can come up with a way to make something happen instead of just getting rid of the football."

Wilson's numbers in the fourth quarter against the Bears were great throwing 13 of 16 for 157 yards, two touchdowns, and his only two incompletions were spikes to stop the clock. However, a pick-six and a fumble ended up extinguishing all hope to win the game.

"We've had a lot of fourth-quarter comebacks and I believe those are going to happen. I believe those are going to happen when we need them to happen," Wilson said afterward. "We've been successful a lot and I've been successful a lot in the fourth quarters and everything else. You have some failure every once in a while, but I believe the next time is going to be successful and I think that's the mentality."



Russ has been sacked 12 times over the last two games, the worst in the NFL. But Carrol wouldn't put it all on the blockers; he believes that Wilson has been holding the ball for too long trying to make too much out of a bad situation.

"In the long yardage situations, he needs to throw the football a couple times," Carroll said. "We need to get rid of the ball and just give up on a play because it's not happening and not take an additional pressure. So that just adds up and it makes it hard on him."

The Seahawks has played against two of the best pass rushers of the league Von Miller (Denver Broncos) and Khalil Mack (Chicago Bears), which could explain why Wilson has been sacked so many times.

Coach Carroll should be trying to find a way to win their first game in the season instead of blaming Wilson for the two losses if he wants to go back to playoffs. Because according to ESPN Stats & Information, only 28 teams that started 0-2 (12 percent) made the postseason since the NFL adopted its current playoff format in 1990.

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