The Philadelphia Phillies Looking To Sign Mike Trout [Rumor]

The Philadelphia Phillies are reportedly planning to make a significant run at impending free-agent, Mike Trout if he becomes eligible for free agency.

Trout is currently signed through the 2020 season. So, if he heads towards the open market when his contract expires, then it's expected that the Phillies will be eyeing to sign him.

According to Jon Heyman of MLB Network, the Phillies will go after Trout in free agency if he doesn't sign an extension before his current contract expires. Trout will be turning 29 going into 2021, which would likely still attract most teams for his services.

When a player approaches 30-years-old, teams start to be more cautious when handing out long-term deals that come with a very high average annual value. Trout may be the lone exception to this trend.

He's considered one of, if not the best player in the MLB at this time. If he reaches the open market, it will likely take a six or seven-year deal to acquire his services. The seven-time all-star will also likely demand at least $30 million for each season that he's signed for.

That type of contract could be why the Phillies aren't considered as a team that would sign both of Bryce Harper and Manny Machado anymore. They are currently considered the favorite for the former. But, they could potentially save their money by passing on Machado for a potential run at Trout in two years.

A big reason as to why Trout is capable of seeking a longer deal in the back-half of his career is because of the consistent production he's produced during his career. In six of his seven full seasons in the MLB, Trout has finished in the top two of the MVP voting each of those six seasons.

In 140 games last season, Trout record career high's in walks, OBP and OPS. The two-time MVP produced 39 home-runs, 79 RBI's, a .312 batting average, a .460 OBP and a .1.088 OPS. If he can continue these numbers into the next couple of seasons, he should have no problem securing another long-term deal when his current one expires.

What This Means

The Phillies are attempting to swing for the fences in free agency over the next couple of seasons. They would have the best outfield in baseball if they added both Harper and Trout to it.

However, this would mean they would be allocating around $60 million to just for two players in their outfield. Which could complicate how they will be able to surround those two with enough talent to be able to make a serious championship run.


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