Phoenix Suns Coaches Have Awkward Pre-Game Handshake [Video]

There's nothing worse than an awkward handshake, that's why the Pheonix Suns' coaches are so awkward to watch.

In a video posted to Reddit by a user named Bucks, the messy handshake is visible to everyone on the internet. One individual sitting down, looked like he didn't even want to be there, in fact, he just made a fist and started waving it over his head. Other employees are seen attempting to do similar things, but to a lesser degree as they're bothering to look around.


One reddit user said that the entire incident kind of looked like a rock, paper, scissors game but everyone picked rock. This person is far from wrong. Some of the coaches did come off as not being able to realize if they wanted to fist bump each other or perform the classic handshake. Another user mentioned that this was something he often did when playing sports.

This does not mean much for the team but it can just act as a perfect example of how things can go badly if there is little to no communication. When team leaders can't even get the art of the handshake down, it's hard for some people, who might not know them, to get behind them. Despite that, even though this was pretty funny, you can argue that it's a sign, the team lost one of its recent games against the Detroit Pistons. However, this is just a theory and should be taken with a grain of salt because the coaches cannot always be blamed when a team loses a match.

While people may have theories as to what it meant and how funny it was, it's just a coincidence and is likely never going to happen again. That said, it's pretty funny to see a bunch of people look so uninterested in what was going on around them, especially since this is their job.

The coaches may have just been busy and wanted to say hello without breaking their concentration and thought process, but regardless, it's funny to watch them stumble throughout that whole process.


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