[Photo] Seth Rollins Confirms Relationship With Becky Lynch

Seth Rollins confirmed his relationship with Becky Lynch by posting a photo of the two of them kissing.

Lynch already all-but said she and WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins were together. For the longest time, the relationship that was blossoming between the Universal Champion and "The Man" wasn’t really a secret but neither Rollins nor Lynch had officially confirmed it. That changed Monday when Rollins responded to a Lynch tweet suggesting the two were an item. His Instagram photo sealed the deal when he posted a photo of the two WWE Superstars kissing backstage. WWE later retweeted the photo asking if Rollins and Lynch were the new company power couple.

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Lynch got the ball rolling when, during a heated battle with Beth Phoenix on Twitter, she asked Rollins if he was ok being thrown into their social media battle. In that post, she tagged Rollins and essentially labeled him her man.

Rollins then posted the photo a few hours later tagging Lynch and saying he figured it was ok to post this now that the cat was out of the bag.

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What This Means

With the updates, Rollins and Lynch are arguably the “it” couple in WWE. He holds the Universal Title and she the Women’s Raw and SmackDown Live Titles. And, for fans who follow both on social media, things may have gotten a whole lot more interesting.

Lynch was already ruthless when it came to her Twitter battles. With Rollins now seemingly fair game for opponents to start targeting, one can only imagine the responses that will come from Becky Two Belts should anyone try to start a war.

If there’s one thing she might wind up being better at than defending her belts, it will be defending her man. The simple joke here is asking who “The Man” is in the relationship is, but knowing Lynch, I’m not about to ask her and risk being on the receiving end of a tweet from the best in the business.

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