Perry Saturn Updates Fans On His Battle Against Drug Addiction, Homelessness, & CTE

In a business filled with stories that tend to have sad endings, Perry Saturn has provided fans with a positive update regarding his own story.

Tragedy is nothing new to the wrestling business. However, in 2018, it felt as if we were hit with more of it than usual. The deaths of wrestlers such as Brian Christopher, Jim Neidhart, and Vader were tough pills to swallow for most in the business. Again, deaths in wrestling are commonplace, but that doesn't make it any easier for those involved when they happen.

There are also cases where wrestlers are on a bad path that it feels as if they can't come back from. Perry Saturn found himself on one of those paths for a number of years. A path so dark that not only did he disappear from wrestling, it seemed as if he didn't exist at all anymore. Two and a half years ago, Saturn got the chance to tell fans what he had been through via Talk Is Jericho.


Turns out the former WWE, WCW, and ECW star had been having a tougher time than anyone could have imagined. Hie drug addiction led him to lose his home. At one point, the only way he could get his fix was by working for his drug dealer. However, fast forward to the present day, and it would seem that Saturn is in a better place now than he has been for a long time.

Saturn spoke with Bill Apter at the New England Wrestling Fan Fest. During the interview, Saturn revealed that he no longer had a drug problem, isn't homeless, and he is dealing with his issues related to CTE. "Some people, it goes good for. Some people, it doesn't. I was one of the lucky ones," Saturn told Apter.

To say Saturn is lucky is something of an understatement. Some of his peers have gone through less and not come out the other side. We are extremely glad Saturn isn't one of those wrestlers. He might not have been a World Champion level star during his run, but he contributed a lot to the business at a time when it was at its hottest. Here's hoping it has a place for him as he continues to get back on his feet.


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