5 Most Predictable 'Surprises' At Raw 25th Anniversary Show

In a few days, the WWE will offer its most anticipated show in years. The 25th Anniversary of Raw is sure to be crammed full of returns, segments, and twists involving WWE Legends and current Superstars, so much so that the collective heads of the WWE Universe might spin. But, what does that really look like?

One could argue that it's going to be difficult to fit as many returns as the WWE is promoting into a three-hour broadcast. They might have a point. But, that doesn't mean there won't be moments worth watching for.

Here are just a few things fans can expect as they tune in for Monday's Raw 25 broadcast.

5. The Undertaker Challenges Someone For WrestleMania

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That someone is likely to be John Cena, but the potential for it to be someone else does exist. Could Roman Reigns be called out after losing the Intercontinental Title? Could The Undertaker look to settle a score with Brock Lesnar? If Goldberg shows up, would a match against The Deadman be a dream match people never got to see?

The trick is hiding the Undertaker's flaws in a match that might likely be his last. He'll need an opponent where a guy like Finn Balor can make The Undertaker look incredibly competent or a match so short that it won't matter what Taker can or can't do in the ring.

4. Stone Cold Will Pour Beer and Stun Someone

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He's shot down rumors that he'll ever get back into a WWE ring as a wrestler, but he's got enough left in the tank to stomp a mudhole in someone's @$$ and drink a little beer in the process. The question is, who does he stun and who does he drink with?

Stone Cold provides a great opportunity to mix the new stars of today with the old stars of the past. While New Day isn't a team regularly featured on Raw, can you not imagine the reaction that pairing would get? What if Elias decided to sing a song for the Rattlesnake only to get a stunner for his troubles? Maybe, Austin becomes an honorary member of The Shield giving Jason Jordan the beer bath almost everyone is hoping for.


3. A Very Busy Segment Will End In A Ron Simmons Damn!

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The only way to really get all of these returning Superstars onto the show is to cram them into one segment that is meant as a comedy piece. That bit is sure to end with Ron Simmons of APA coming out and delivering his Damn! catchphrase to a thunderous round of cheers.

The chances of the segment itself being quite lame are really strong but a Ron Simmons appearances always seems to liven things up a bit. It will be quick, it will be expected, but it will still be entertaining.

2. Someone Not Advertised Will Show

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The list of names coming for Raw 25 is a mile long. Pretty much everyone who is still on good terms with the WWE is making their way to New York to appear in one of the two arenas the show is being broadcast from. But, who will show that isn't being talked about?

Hulk Hogan has shot down rumors that he might be there, but what about Batista? Perhaps Sting shows his face again?  It would have to be a name so big that WWE is purposely holding back. Could it be someone new?


1. The Women Might Steal The Show

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There is a very good chance the women will be what people talk about when all is said and done. Names like Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Lita, and others have been advertised for the show and they are in tremendous shape.

A segment might be set up that includes a match where one of the returning females absolutely rocks it against the likes of Alexa Bliss or Sasha Banks, and rumors emerge that Stratus has more left in the tank to make another run as an in-ring performer.

There are a number of elements that will be part of the show on Monday. Will anything be truly surprising? The WWE may go the safe route and give fans what they're expecting. But, the company could see this as a huge opportunity to do something completely different. How refreshing would that be?

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