Here's Who Would Be Top Of The Premier League If VAR Was In Place

If VAR had been implemented in the Premier League for the 2018/19 season then it would likely have different leaders right now.

There have been four rounds of Premier League soccer so far this season and with an international break this weekend, we now have a chance to take a breath and break down what has happened so far. We have already seen some shock results, and there are three teams with 100% records still intact, one of which you would not have been expecting.

Most who haven't been paying attention would likely guess that Manchester City and Manchester United are two of those teams with nothing but wins, but no. Liverpool has won every game, as has Chelsea, and the third and final team is that unexpected one, Watford. The Hornets put their record on the line against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday and shocked fans by emerging victorious.


Sky Sports recently asked an interesting question, though. What if VAR was being used in the Premier League this season? It answered that by going back through the 40 matches that have happened so far and pinpointing any "clear and obvious errors." Surprisingly, while quite a few scorelines would have changed, provided the penalties awarded were successfully converted, only one result was altered, but it was a big one.

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According to Sky Sports' analysis, had VAR been in place for Wolves' 1-1 draw with Man City, the defending Premier League champions would have won 2-0. Willy Boly's equalizer for Wolves would have been ruled out for handball had the referee been able to take a second look, and also would have probably awarded City a penalty for Ruben Neves's challenge on David Silva. Had those decision been made, City's 100% Premier League record would also still be intact right now.

Premier League teams actually voted against VAR being used in the Premier League this season, however, that vote was undertaken back in April before it was used at the World Cup. VAR was utilized well in Russia for the summer tournament , so well in fact that it will likely be rolled out across more major leagues in the coming years. Perhaps this time next year we'll be talking about what the Premier League would look like without VAR.


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