Bruce Prichard Talks Production Issues For Something Else To Wrestle With

After airing the first episode of Something Else to Wrestle With on WWE Network, host Bruce Prichard took to YouTube to answer fan questions about the duo's first-ever videocast for WWE. The show was, for the most part, a big success but it had some technical issues that often come with doing something for the first time.

At around the 7:20 mark of the video, Prichard says, "ok., let's address the production issues we had on the show tonight." After explaining both he and Conrad Thompson were working with brand new equipment, Prichard admitted that they both knew there were going to be some technical goofs. He said, "we're working through it. We shot the show, took it back and thought that it would be a little better than it was, and they did the best that they could with it and we did the best that we could as well. It's the first attempt. It's going to be a work in progress."

The issues stemmed from some audio mic issues to some lag in the video feed which caused a sync issue with the audio and video. That said, the issues did not disrupt the show to the point that it was watchable.


Something Else to Wrestle With Bruce Prichard is meant to be a unique concept for WWE Network in that it is a show shot completely out of the studios of the WWE. Each of the hosts is in their own homes, using their own equipment and sending the tape to WWE who does a final edit and airs the program as shot. It's meant to be an underground, lower-end production show that appeals to a more hardcore audience.

One thing Prichard did say was, "Every week it is going to get better." He asked the viewers to hang in with them and give them some time to figure things out noting that as things roll, and he and his co-host get more adjusted to things, the technical issues should cease.

Prichard also stated that they knew of the issues going in and the show was going to require some tweaking over time. He suggested that, as the show progresses, there may be some changes, but he's hoping not too much will change since neither he nor Conrad (his co-host) want the show to be totally different than what the fans have grown to love.


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Bruce Prichard Talks Production Issues For Something Else To Wrestle With