The Creepy Puppet Vignettes On WWE TV This Week Have Something To Do With Bray Wyatt [Rumor]

The weird puppet vignettes that debuted on Raw and SmackDown Live this week likely have something to do with the return of Bray Wyatt.

We are coming to the end of a long weekend that has been absolutely jam-packed with wrestling. From Friday's NXT TakeOver to Tuesday's SmackDown Live, we are pretty much all wrestled out. Now is the time to sit back and digest everything we have seen. What better place to start than the shows that are freshest in our memories? The Raw and SmackDown Live after WrestleMania.

As usual, both shows were incredibly action-packed. Superstars returned, titles changed hands, and we even saw a winner take all match between WWE's two new World Champions. Probably best not to dwell on what happened with that last one as it will just make us angry. However, something that has been relatively lost in the shuffle was the debut of a previously unseen vignette.

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The vignette, which was first shown on Raw and then again on SmackDown Live, begins with a shot of a dusty box in a dark room. The camera slowly zooms in as creepy music plays in the background. Then, a strange puppet pops out of the box, something that looks like a cross between a bird and a reptile. The puppet then starts laughing maniacally before the clip suddenly ends.

According to Wrestling Inc, the belief is that this weird clip has something to do with the long overdue return to TV of Bray Wyatt. That would certainly make a lot of sense. The weird creature might well be a buzzard. Plus, the laugh emitting from it certainly sounds like it might be Wyatt. Last but not least, there were reports prior to WrestleMania 35 that vignettes teasing Wyatt's return would be debuting soon.

We definitely want Wyatt back on television. Plus, the puppet in a box vignettes definitely piqued our interest. However, we're not sure that we are entirely on board with those two things being connected. In fairness, we currently know very little about what this all might mean. If Wyatt is destined to return soon, and he is bringing a buzzard puppet along with him, we just hope WWE has an intriguing plan in place for the former WWE Champion.


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