Qatar Reveals Plans For Massive Alcohol Tax Ahead Of World Cup

World Cup 2022 hosts Qatar have recently unveiled a massive tax on alcohol in what the nation's government has dubbed a "sin tax."

FIFA isn't exactly the most beloved governing body in the sporting world right now. Ever since it was announced that Russia would host the 2018 World Cup, FIFA has been showered with accusations of bribery and corruption. How well the tournament went this past summer might well have helped FIFA gain back a little favor with soccer fans around the world, though.

For the most part, the Russian World Cup went pretty well. Some terrific matches, a great atmosphere, and very little trouble as far as we could tell. Now the focus has shifted to the next World Cup, Qatar 2022. With that, the controversy surrounding FIFA has returned. Qatar isn't exactly well-known for its soccer. In fact, the Asian nation has never qualified for a World Cup.


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That will change in 2022, of course, as the host nation automatically gets a place in the tournament. However, not being that into soccer is the least of the those planning on traveling to the tournament's worries. For starters, while alcohol consumption is not illegal in Qatar, it is not widely available. Those in charge of the tournament have already stated that while alcoholic beverages will be available, drinking will be limited to designated areas and fans will not be allowed to drink in public spaces.

As if that won't have peeved fans enough, The Independent recently reported some more bad news. Qatar is about to introduce something that has been dubbed a "sin tax." Simply put, it is a 100% tax on alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine that will see the price of them skyrocket. That means not only will a drink be hard to come by during the 2022 World Cup, but when you do find one, it's going to cost you a pretty penny.

As with last year's World Cup in Russia, the controversy surrounding the next tournament in 2022 will continue to swirl right up until the event takes place. On top of everything else, it will also be the first World Cup that isn't played during the summer. Temperatures in Qatar are simply too hot at that time of year, so the World Cup will take place during the winter of 2022.


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