R-Truth Wins 24/7 Title At Drake Maverick's Wedding

It wasn't hard to predict this one. The environment was perfect and the creative basically wrote itself. Drake Maverick has lost the 24/7 Championship back to R-Truth and it happened in the middle of his wedding ceremony.

WWE has posted video of the title changing hands on their Youtube channel and social media feeds and Maverick posted a tweet earlier on Friday, simply saying, "Worst Day Evah."

At first, it appeared Maverick's tweet was in reference to King Maxwell (Matt Hardy's son) running around with the title. Instead, it was likely in reference to the fact Maverick worked so hard to win the title, wore it everywhere and loved it like he was married to it, only to lose it in front of his new wife at, of all places, his wedding.

Maverick apologized, yelled about losing the title and then immediately turned back into capture mode and chased R-Truth in an attempt to win the title back.

What This Means

To me, Drake Maverick needs to be given a lot of credit. Willing to invest so heavily in what he's doing with the 24/7 Title, he was willing to either use his actual wedding as the backdrop for a title change, or he did the wedding and then re-shot all this after the official wedding was done. Either way, he and his new wife are committed and it's worth a thank you.

R-Truth has been the clear star of the new 24/7 Championship storyline, but Maverick isn't far behind and for my money, one of the best parts of this title being introduced at all. He and Truth have made this must watch.

It didn't hurt that EC3 was the best man and holding a blue solo cup during the ceremony.

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