R-Truth Loses 24/7 Belt To Mahal, Wins It Back on Golf Course [Video]

In the first example of WWE having the 24/7 belt change hands while no one was around to see it, R-Truth lost the title to Jinder Mahal, then won it back.

This was a prediction we called a while back when the 24/7 Title was first introduced. WWE was going to look for creative ways for the championship to change hands, often doing it in locations where the WWE Universe or a live audience wasn't on hand. For the first time, on Sunday, a video was posted of that exact thing happening.

While Carmella and R-Truth were out golfing, Jinder Mahal attacked Truth from behind and won the 24/7 Championship with a roll-up pin on the driving range.

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A few seconds later, while Mahal was distracted because of an arguing Carmella, R-Truth rolled up Mahal and won it back. That makes him the three-time 24/7 Champion as Truth and Carmella fled the scene in their golf cart.

What This Means

Certainly, this will be discussed on Raw this Monday but it goes to show that fans will need to pay attention to WWE's social media accounts to see all the latest title changes and updates on the 24/7 Championship. One of the mandates of that title was that it was supposed to help WWE's social media platforms and within minutes of the video being posted, it had a ton of likes and comments on Twitter.

Will this lead to a battle between Mahal and Truth or is this just more storyline where anyone and everyone might pop up at any given moment to try and take the title from the current title holder.

So far, this belt has been about crazy changes and R-Truth running for his life. It's making him a star, even if the title won't mean all that much when all is said and done.

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