R-Truth Says Wrestlers Are Pitching 24/7 Championship Ideas

R-Truth told Yahoo Sports, some wrestlers are really getting into the 24/7 Championship and coming up with storyline ideas.

The 24/7 championship isn't a title every fan in the WWE Universe likes but it's hard to argue that the exchange of the championship hasn't made for some of the most entertaining segments on Raw and SmackDown Live since its introduction. The WWE Superstar who has held the title the most is R-Truth and during an interview with Yahoo Sports, he said some wrestlers are really getting into it.

As R-Truth told Yahoo Sports, “Guys like Drake Maverick, Jinder Mahal, EC3, these guys came up with their own gimmick with regard to the title." He added that one wrestler, in particular, Drake Maverick, came up with the poster idea on his own and really took a leap thinking the 24/7 Title could be a big opportunity for him. Truth says that leap has paid off as WWE has taken notice.  Truth also said of other wrestlers, "you have to let your creative juices start flowing and reach and grab for it."

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Truth is a wrestler who has never been afraid to go for it. Willing to do almost anything the company asks and try to make the most of it, the 24/7 Championship felt like a perfect fit for him. And, with Vince McMahon clearly behind the title, wrestlers who open their minds to what the championship can do for them will get an extra bit of attention from the boss.

What This Means

The 24/7 Title may never be a title fans take seriously. But, with the comedic aspect of the belt being something fans are really into and wrestlers finally starting to pitch ideas for the title and what to do with it, the chances of it going anywhere are slim.

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