R-Truth Was Forced to Defend His 24/7 Title At A SummerSlam Meet & Greet

R-Truth managed to escape with his 24/7 title after being tricked by Drake Maverick at a meet and greet to promote SummerSlam this week.

The SmackDown star has since recovered the belt, with Mike and Maria Kanellis having held onto it for a bit. But it was nearly taken off him by Maverick, who says he's yet to consummate his marriage after losing it at his wedding in front of all of his guests.

Truth was taking photos and signing autographs at the Metro Convention Center in Toronto, Canada, ahead of Sunday's SummerSlam PPV when Maverick showed up dressed as John Cena, pretending to be a John Cena fan.

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Truth was pretty happy to get a photo with Maverick, revealing Cena is his idol and he watched him when he was "little." But, moments, later, he found himself rolled up and pinned by Maverick before kicking out.

Titus O'Neil sensed an opportunity and tried going for the belt himself by attempting to pin Truth, who was still floored. Maverick would jump in to get O'Neil off the Champion, giving him a chance to get up, grab his things and run, 24/7 title still in possession.

An angry Maverick confronted O'Neil, who in turn threw him into a trash can.

Truth remains champion and has held the title for a record 59 days in total. Maverick's held it for 16 while Maria's had it for 17.

Since the title's introduction this year, 17 people have won it. The belt changed hands nine times at last month's Raw Reunion Special, with Truth losing it at the beginning and reclaiming it before the end of the show.

It appears that R-Truth isn't all that truthful. He claims to have grown up watching Cena but, truth is, he's five years older than the guy and made his WWE debut in 2000, the same year as Cena.

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