Vince McMahon Stopped R-Truth From Wearing A Wedding Dress At Drake Maverick's Nuptials

The battle for 24/7 Championship is about the most entertaining thing WWE has available for viewing right now and R-Truth's unwavering desire to become champion (over and over again) is pure comedy.

The SmackDown star's most memorable capture came at Drake Maverick's wedding when he crashed the event with a referee to pin Maverick for the belt.

As ridiculous as that was, it could have been even more so as he had originally pitched the idea of him in a wedding dress to Vince McMahon. Fortunately, McMahon was totally against it.

Truth explained the whole thing during a recent appearance on the E&C Pod of Awesomeness.

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“Let me tell you about that day: That was Sarah’s idea," he revealed (h/t Fightful). "Oh my God, that was so funny. Sarah Stock, she was there, and she was like, ‘Well…’ because at first, I was gonna do a wedding dress and Vince said, ‘No. No wedding dress. That sounds like he’s trying to be funny and tell Truth just be funny, be himself’ and when he said that, I said, ‘Oh okay, cool. I see the point. No wedding dress,’ and, Sarah was like, ‘So what do you have on?'

“I got on some black jeans.’ She said, ‘Well I have a suit coat. We ordered a suit coat for you’, and she [asked] what if I go with no shirt on, and I laughed, and I said, ‘You know what? I didn’t think about that because I laughed and you said that…’ I said it’s kinda crazy because everybody else is dressed at the wedding, right? And she said, ‘Yeah, but R-Truth would probably do it with no shirt on’. She said, ‘I have a purple tie’. I said, ‘Just because you said that, I’m gonna wear it’ and she picked all that out. That was all her.”

Did you think the 24/7 Championship would catch on like this? Probably not. The skepticism was quite thick when it was introduced but now it's a favorite among fans.

Of course, R-Truth's involvement is the main reason for its success. But we should be glad we didn't have to see him go all Dennis Rodman in a wedding dress.

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